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October 19, 2012


As the Chair of the Committee on Public Health in the Texas House, I've held two hearings in Austin, most recently on Monday, to drill into the issue of Medicaid dental fraud. As you know, those who want to grow government always insist there isn't enough public money to pay for public programs, and we simply must raise taxes. I say that instead of higher taxes (or more federal debt), let's clean up the fraud and abuse before an extra penny is spent. As you can read below, we've uncovered nearly $230 million in fraudulent billing in Texas Medicaid dental charges alone.

The story link below is from WFAA in Dallas, which launched the original undercover investigation into the dental fraud issue. 


Let's keep this discussion going and I'll continue to work for you, finding the best solutions for you and fellow Texans. 

Lois W. Kolkhorst









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