"I'm blessed to represent Texas House Distict 13, the historic home Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin. Today, Texas still faces tough problems. That's why I need you in my corner to keep Texas strong. Together, we've won some battles but there's more to do: like the fight over our borders, the debate over property taxes and how to pay for schools, offering solutions to the reformed business tax, and the struggle to protect our property rights, gun rights and individual freedoms. Public service isn't about empty promises or slogans. It's about speaking the truth. It's about making sure ordinary Texans still have a voice. It's about getting results."

- Lois W. Kolkhorst

Please select from the topics to the left for solutions to today's big issues for Texans.

Questions about the issues? Read the Pros and Cons and get voter info for 2009 CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS.

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